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Kevin's Super General Freestyle

Baton Rouge MC Kevin Gates shocked listeners by releasing his most recent track, "Super General Freestyle." The gritty track sampled Florida rapper Kodak Black's "Super Gremlin." Kevin addresses several hot topics regarding his marriage, personal insecurities, and allegations.

Kevin makes advances toward notable female artists such as Beyoncé, Rubi Rose, and Nicki Minaj. Kevin shares his love interest with Nicki, stating, "I want Nicki, she needs Kevin, she still playin' around with Kenneth." Kevin later mentions Beyoncé saying, "Beyoncé needs to let me hit her…." Fans established that the lyrics were more of a shot at Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z than just creative wordplay.

Kevin mentioned that his second studio album, "I'm Him," did not meet expectations compared to his first album, which reached mild success. However, the freestyle video of their collaboration will remind listeners about his lyrical capabilities and how he and rapper Moneybaggyo can overcome their differences to support each other.

Acknowledging the differences between the old and new generation of rap, Kevin makes it a task to support and involve himself with the new generation of rap. A sole believer in Renni Rucci, she says Kevin Gates is one of her biggest supporters. Kevin mentions he still feels the presence of the late Memphis rapper Young Dolph while in the studio. With his upcoming album on pace to release, Kevin will inevitably make sure this album is an experience we don't want to miss.

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