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Coi Leray the Trendsetter

When you think of Trendsetter, who do you think of, Coi Leray? With the hot streak, Coi Leray earned her reputation. Coi introduced herself to the world with the message of self-confidence and a fresh sound. Coi continues to grow as a house name in the industry. Sparking controversial conversations about what good music is versus Tik-Tok hits.

With a lot of criticism surrounding her success, Coi remains consistent in creating music for her fans. Coi has proven her versatility from her melodic sounds to her hardcore rap. Despite being in question surrounding her self-proclaimed title, Trendsetter. Despite some disbelief, Coi went from charting in the Top 30 on the Billboard to winning Best Female HipHop artist at the BET Awards.

With all the success Coi has had so far, she recognizes her ability to be more impactful to her community and fanbase. Growing up, Coi was introduced to some of the successes and challenges that fame attracted, and more specifically, some tribulations she may face being a young female rapper. Coi uses her platform to encourage mental health wellness and live in your truth.

Coi gained interest in the music industry after the exposure from her father, Benzino. In 2011, Coi released her first single titled "Bow Down" with her brother Taj. The track didn't perform as they'd hoped, and they considered quitting. Coi soon realized that giving up wasn't an option. Coi continued to release music on Soundcloud, and after some time, she gained some traction.

After the success of her debut mixtape, "Everythingcoz," Everything Coi had worked so hard for was finally coming to fruition. In 2019, Coi signed with Republic Records and 1801 records, in which she released her second mixtape, EC2. She went viral! Coi had officially grabbed the industry's attention with millions of hits on Tik-Tok. Expressing her sexuality in a true-to-thyself manner and excitable personality, Coi took off by storm.

Her single "No more parties" charted top 30 on the Billboard 10. The considerable success would lead to rapper Lil Durk dropping a verse on the remix leading to even more exposure. The track "TWINNEM" became one of the most popular sounds on TikTok, racking up over 200 million views.

It didn't stop there; Coi later released another track titled "Blick Blick," featuring Nicki Minaj, charting in the top 40 on the billboard 100. That same year Coi was featured on XXL freshman 2021, including other popular acts such as DDG, Lakeyah, and Murray.

As the Trendsetter continues to flourish, 2022 might be her best year. With the recent release of her album "TRENDSETTER." Coi has now changed the narrative of being just a Tik-Tok rapper to being one of the top female artists.

With the announcement of her Trendsetter Tour, we are far and few from more great accomplishments for Coi.

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